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  1. As I scroll each day through epcfail’s pictures, I noticed that 2lolo always has a dam comment about PWNED! What the hell is the dam deal? Did you get butthurt in your mom’s basement over a comment that he said years ago? Did he reject your advances? I also notice that PWNED never says anything mean until you open your trap! Get the fuck over it all ready! Leave the guy the fuck alone! The only thing you are proving is that you are obsessed with the guy! Get out of the basement and frow the fuck up!

    1. Leave @lolo alone. PWNED deserves any and every abuse ever heaped upon his head. He is the biggest A-hole in the known universe. He more than deserves it. 2lolo don’t agree on a lot of things, but in this we are in sync, and in agreement. PWNED is a useless lump of excrement, and unfortunately that is his only good point. It all gets worse from that point out.

    2. Thanks Anna Roehrig, 🙂 you are right. Those two are clearly butt hurt as hell but I must admit I have grown to find it rather amusing lol. Any how well said, 2lolo really should get out of the basement and grow the fuck up maybe he will generate a brain cell or 2 in the process to help him in life.

  2. UR dumb what the hell is your problem? I never see PWNED do anything mean to you until you both start in on him! Are you butthurt as well? What the hell did he do to you? Stood you up kn a dam date? Grow up and get over it! Stop cyber bullying! Makes you look like jackasses! Get out of the dam basement and stop obsessing with PWNED and epic failed every day! Get some fucking fresh air! ENOUGH SAID!

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