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  1. Told you so Piete! Now the jackass is obsessed with you! All over some butthurt comment! Be forewarned! Now he starts in on you! Fuckin homo! Probably jacking off while typing these stupid comments to others! Fucking stupid cyber bully!

    1. No worries sweetheart 🙂 I really don’t care for the senseless rants of a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

      He can’t leave his basement, because the 6 year old kids would pick on him and beat him up. He’d rather stay locked up with the devil he knows… his daddy who sodomizes him 3 times a day

  2. BTW, I think he is confusing me with someone else from eBay or something. I couldn’t quite figure out what the story was, because his IQ is in the single digits, and therefore his writing abilities rival that of a trained parrot.

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