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  1. Actually dumass I only have a shower stall, if you must know. Come up with something better! Stupid. I worked in a level five maximum security prison, I have heard worse! Nice try! Jack ass! Unlike you, I dont get butt hurt over comments and go crying to my mommy. Faggot

    1. Stop bringing back that prison bullshit, nobody gives a fuck about it.

      And stop acting, you look as butthurt as it gets, you fat oversensitive cunt.

  2. All this fat shaming, why can’t fat people start ‘whore shaming’, I mean the blonde is a whore isn’t she? She’ll f*ck anything in sight, probably has some sort of drinking problem, can’t keep a man in her life, so she’s been rejected just like a fat person has. I’m sure she’s also has friends who call her a whore, skank, slut and so on, cause of one night stands. Like she’s some sort of walking disease cause she’s thin, and screws anything. We all have vices, and yes all of our vices show, whether being a whore, or being fat.

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