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  1. exposing her lungs, ect.. to possible injuries. Not a bright move not to mention she looks so artificial it’s to vomit for…

  2. What an idiot. I hope someday she realizes her elective surgeries make her ugly as hell and that she will never be a cartoon character.

    1. @ Idiot Rules Me
      Isn’t That You’re Sister.???? Please tell her for me… I would to FUCK Her and Rock her World.!!!!! I Don’t Care if she is an Idiot Too.!!!!!!

  3. Did she have her spleen and part of her liver and intestines removed, as well? There is no room for a complete digestive tract in that small an abdomen.

  4. And I also want to know: Who is the scumbag doctor who agreed to mutilate this deluded airhead? He should be beaten to death with his own Hippocratic oath.

  5. Hope she doesn’t mind debilitating health problems and an early death! Also yea that doctor should totally have his/her medical licence taken the fuck away. Guess that doctor missed the part of the hypocratic oath that says “do no harm”.

  6. If that’s what makes her happy – it only hurts her. She is disfigured for life – and it is horrific. Give a concentration camp victim fat legs and implant big boobs and this is what it would look like. The “Doctor” should be imprisoned. I wonder who her “Doctor” was…..Mengele???

    1. Lol. Those tits are terrible. They are lopsided and look like shit. Her thighs must be huge cause her legs are crossed in that pose every single pic. And you can tell she is crazy with one look at her face

    2. When you’ll get older, you’ll stop being so damn picky… those its are great, and her face may look crazy, but I’d fuck it anyway

  7. She fucked her self royally, she has a video of her transformation and she was a beautiful woman. She obviously did this for attention.

  8. The bitch is an ugly freak but she also jsut had 6 ribs removed. The blame isn’t totally hers. At what point are the surgeons going to step up and say FUCK NO?? Oh wait they won’t because she’s paying for their holiday condos….

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