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  1. Wtf,why? This is a whole new meaning to fucking stupid, it looks like someone shoved arm floaties under his skin and stitched it up. Then again could be it could be genius he looks Mexican so maybe he did it to swim easier when crossing the boarder.
    I wonder if they would pop if poked.

    1. @ PWNED
      Don’t you want an NIG.GER Cock too.???? Look Behind You’re Lover.!!!! You aways want DP.!!!!!

    1. Was that even English? Grow the fuck up, you stupid cunt. You have to be the stupidest, least original poster on here. Pick on 2lolo? Wow there is a tough target. Yeah, he is crude and not very bright sometimes, and yes he hates you, but let’s face it, YOU deserve it. You are just as crude, and just as stupid in your own, not-so-charming way. Grow up, get a life, and try targeting someone who is at least a challenge. Picking on 2lolo is like kicking a crippled kid. You can do it, but you look like an asshole while doing it, and no one respects you for it.

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