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    1. LOOK You Handicap IDIOT.!!!!!
      That’s Anna Reohrig after she Slim down and lost 352 1/4 Lb.!!!!! She is looking for a Date IDOT.!!!!!

    1. LOL good one Piete, that is totally 2homo in his superhero costume. Captain Cock Sucker it even has a suitable ring for 2homo lmfao

    2. Oh.!!!!! Look Piete and PWNED are Friends… Now they can have a 3 Way with Anna Reohrig.!!!!! Now that Anna Reohrig has Slim Down.!!!!! Piete Don’t forget to bring your Homemade Didos.!!! PWNED Never Leave Home Without his PONY TALL ANAL PLUG.!!!!!!!

    1. Please mikey we all know that is 2homo modeling for you in his daddies basement. Go ahead and clutch on to his cock and ram it in your ass seeing as you are more than likely humanities cum dumpster.

  1. 2Lolo once again, jealous because he’s left out of all the action! Looks nothing like me! It’s not nice to make fun of people with disability! Dickhead! Real low move! Someone should tie your ass to a fucking tree and leave you there! Fucking moron!

    1. 2lolo once simultaneously fit 3 dicks in his mouth and another 3 in his ass and he loved it! Then he tried again but with horses, and now he looks like this… which is a tremendous improvement from before BTW

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