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  1. Sorry 2lolo for all the crap I say Constantly I can’t help it I have a micro dick that needs to be compensated while an I’m just an unsecure and not too bright little man hidden like the chicken fag that I am behind his computer screen. So there you go, sorry again.

  2. 2lolo’s dungeon master… this guy keeps 2lolo locked up in his basement and ass rapes him several times a day. 2lolo learned to love it… no he complains when he gets it in the ass less than 3 times a day

    1. Hey Piete
      I’m very happy you found you’re SoulMate.!!! in Anna Reohrig.!!!!! But How Can You 2 Kiss and FUCK.??? Anna Reohrig is no taller than 5 feet and her body is So Fat 600 Lb…. Of Rolls of Fat and a Face Like The Back End of A DONKEY.!!!!! but You’re No Prize.!!!!!! MIDGET WITH AN 2 INCH DICK.!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t god damn it me bro, it ain’t my fault you look like a god damn bald inbred weasel trying to tan before ramming an umbrella up your cellulite filled ass.

  3. 2Lolo is that all you got. Wow I’m 600 lbs? But apparently, on my drivers license it says other wise! Just got it renewed today! Dumbass! Like I said before, you know nothing about me or me life! Look at my Facebook page, dickhead! Why don’t you get a fucking life and leave others alone for once! Stop cyber bullying! What’s the matter, the 6 year olds keep beating you up and stealing your money? Oh wait, you never have money! That’s why you keep getting your ass kicked and always hiding behind a dam keyboard! Anytime anyplace! Ass hole! You name it! That’s if you can handle a female!

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