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  1. Actually, this is quite easy to explain.

    In a single photo, you have the entire explanation of 2homo’s life:
    -Inbred, sister-cousin/uncle-daddy wedding
    -Blank expressions on all, signifying lack of any significant higher brain function
    -Crack house
    -Garbage/Shit everywhere
    -Serious lack of personal hygiene
    -Uncle-daddy playing “touch the weiner” game
    -Hoarding garbage
    -House full of stolen property

  2. and me that thought it was a photo of you redneck sucks with idiots rule that had a retard together hahahaha guess I was wrong 😉

    1. Yes, you ignorant cum dumpster, you were wrong.

      BTW, if idiots rule and I have a retarded baby, we will make sure to name her Meg, in your honour.

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