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  1. I would have preferred to see it the other way around. Where she is standing there and he gets to run her over.

    Look ladies, I love ya. But quite pretending you are hard Asses and can put any man in their place. Sure you can beat up on 2homo and his basement dwelling buddies. But when you do dumb shit like this you just look stupid. It’s not a good look. Keep it lady like

    1. They look like they were having a good time? Those two people look like friends? It probably had nothing to do with putting anyone in there place.
      You seem to be putting a whole new connotation on this. Just by how you explained that you would like to see the guy run her down instead, why? You enjoy seeing weaker people unable to defend themselves? You think being able to force someone underneath you is a strong trait?


  2. Female Rugby Player? Shes skinny as shit to be a rugby player. Not sure where she is from but Rugby players are powerhouses when it comes to moving people. You sure shes not on the tennis team? Every Rugby female I know has got at least muscle on them.

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