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    1. Lemme take a stab at this PWNED.
      You must be one of those dim witted morons who voted for obama……TWICE.

    2. Considering Obama adopted a fucking hot potato that Bush left behind I personally believe he did a damn descent job. Also yes to confirm your retarded gibberish I did in fact vote for Obama twice, name some valid reasons why I shouldn’t of and maybe I will take the bullshit you blurted out into consideration. In the mean time go blow a horny donkey, only thing I see you being any good for.

    3. More illiteracy from PWNED I see.

      Do you even know the difference between descent and decent? I knew you didn’t. Don’t talk about gibberish in others, when you spout more of it than anyone else.

    4. And PWNED? Stay away from the horny donkeys, okay? We wouldn’t want you to be committing incest with your father. After all, you already did that with your mother, and the result was mini-you, and that was way ugly.

    5. Lmao you sure talk a lot of shit over a typo. Decent* happy faggot? I make typos like anyone else it has nothing to do with illiteracy, in any case talk less shit and find something more productive to do than to write multiple posts to prove your degree of faggotry.

    6. @ PWNED
      You Been Hooking Up With Beefy My Ass.?? You Hurt Piete Feelings.!!!!! After Piete Made His and His Anal Plugs for you 2 to enjoy together.!!!!! Did you know Beefy My Ass is like a Use Car Salesman.!!!!! Beefy My Ass Is Full Of SHIT.!!!!!!!

  1. Oh btw chump next time you are going to be a cock juggling thunder cunt, try with someone that effectively gives a rats ass. Only thing you managed to do was make me giggle. lmfao

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