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  1. The reason he is having difficulty breathing is that the gas he inhaled (probably hexafluoride) is heavier than air. It wants to sink to the ground in exactly the opposite way than helium (lighter than air) rises. As such, while he remains with his head up, the gas will mostly sit in his lungs instead of exiting like normal air will. He is basically suffocating. The answer to solving this is to put your rear end higher than your head, like standing on your head or getting on your knees with your head on the ground. This allows the heavy gas to travel out onto the ground and frees up your lungs to bring in air. Dumbasses who pull this stunt can get brain damage or suffocate themselves. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

  2. @URDumb – You nailed it. The gas is heavier than air. The dufus is basically drowning while the other idiots stand around and laugh. *sigh* This is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. So glad that jackass faggot poseur Nunya was banned from the site, but now the same has to be done for 2loco. I might even visit more than 6x per year if both those assholes were gone. Otherwise, I simply cannot be bothered.

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