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    1. Exactly. Chances are, none of the idiots, who do this shit, have ever worked and certainly never will after doing this insane self-mutilation and face-tattooing.

    1. @ Anna Reohrig
      Look I still remember that night, I was Drunk… All I remember was when I open my Eyes and seen That Thing of you’re Hanging 3 inch. from my face…. I punch it and ready to kill it.!!!! When I heard you saying STOP That’s My Pussy.!!!!!! To tell you the Truth.!!!!
      I don’t know if you’re Pussy Look any Better than you’re Face.!!!!!

  1. Anna Roehrig, your irritable bowel syndrome prevents such sex acts and you know it. The odor is one thing, but it is unhygienic for mouth or genital contact and the c-section scar does nothing for it from the topside. Perhaps get more of a FUPA to cover the whole thing and it might be appealing to dying animals or something.

    1. I am your future if you stop putting your Transformers into sexual positions and read something other than comments sections and video game walk-thrus. College is optional, since you already smoke pot all day and watch rape videos for fun. There is no need to go all out and rent a separate apartment from your single parent’s home. Since your dad left, you don’t have to sleep with your eyes open anymore and frankly your mom could use the help with her droopy left face and torn rotator cuff that makes putting the dishes away rather difficult. You can easily snag that high-profile expo position at Chili’s and still knock up the hostess in the walk-in and continue to drink heavily after work with your ever-revolving array of co-workers all the way thru the pregnancy and first year probably. After that, it will be off to a swinging life of Tinder, mom’s social security checks, and day-drinking to Nickelback videos on Youtube. This is why you need me, current 2lolo. Future 2lolo will provide the guidance and wit you so sorely lack at this point in your downtrodden life. Don’t forget to pay the parking ticket you get in February, it could spiral to a $3875.00 judgement for the city in which they eventually repossess your iPhone 24s after several ironically missed e-mails and phone calls. Well, I have to go. The warden only lets us use the time-computer for 5 minutes a day, and it is supposed to be for victim apologies only. Future 2lolo out…

    2. Glad to see hear you’ve learned the err of your ways. It’s good you finally understand that your comments were worthless and telling of your own sorrow. Thus, you surely deserve incarceration by now.

  2. The huge gauges he had weren’t quite gay enough for him. So he figured he’d take them out and totally f up the rest of his ear in hopes to attract 2homo and his buddies

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