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  1. What’s the little faggot even smoking dope for? He looks like he’s 10. And the homos that are egging him on are probably trying to get him wasted and molest him. Looks like a huge fag fest to me.

    1. I want to suck your dick. I need to suck cock! Please please please let me suck your dick!!! I’m really good at it!!! I promise if you close your eyes, you will not even know the difference.

      If you let me, I will rim your asshole too!!! And if you would like, you could fuck me in the ass.

    2. He’s one of those losers with “progressive” parents. He was probably abused too, and wouldn’t be surprised if his “progressive
      parents tried to force him to grow up as a girl.

  2. Friend is a douche for letting him bash his dome.
    I would sell that fucker ex-lax saying it was chocolate covered shrooms or some shit.

  3. Well now that the video is out on the net you can be sure that the parents of the kids that made that will have charges pressed against them.

  4. Well, good news is since he was dumb enough to film this we know he didnt get brain damage when he smacked his face since he already had it. Maybe it knocked some common sense in to him.

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