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  1. almost looks like real football.
    just lose the helmets, padding, get an actual ball (not this oval shaped thing) and stop using hands on the ball (handegg)

    1. Oh. You left out the part where the guys wear short shorts, shave their legs, flail on the ground every time someone gets within three feet of them, and sucking each other off in the locker room.

      What you see above is football. Soccer, the game of fags, as youre referring to needs to stay over seas in all the third world countries where it belongs.

    2. His argument is valid, you football fanboys are the biggest crybabies in sports. Lets see you come to a soccer game when someones hometeam looses and people start getting stabbed and the city is set on fire lol. You just like to watch muscle grown men slap each other on the ass and pile up on one another. How can you try and defend football after that and what this pussy player just did in the video? lol Football vs soccer; American Football, athletes on the field while fat men with no sports ability cheer on their favorite teams all the while getting fatter and pretending they are manly. Soccer = The people that watch soccer can play soccer and get their asses off the couch and actually do shit with their lives, their fans are crazy and will fuck you up if you talk shit about their team. American Football fans will just keep complaining while eating cheese out of a can.

    3. Football is big in America, and uhm… nowhere else. CFL players all have to have full-time jobs, that is how little money is in football in Canada (i.e. nobody fucking watches that shit).

      Soccer is the most watched sport on the planet. By your logic, most of the countries must be third world on this planet, populated by mostly fags…

    4. Football only HAS to be big in America, because we frankly don’t give a rats ass about the rest of the world. The rest of the world only exists in order to make us feel better by comparing ourselves to them. Aside from the UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, Germany and some of the other Teutonic northern Europe, the rest of the world can go hang. I will throw in Italy too, but only for the art and history there, it is now not so hot as a country. Used to be South Africa was moderately civilized too, especially compared to everything around it, but they ended apartheid and managed to ruin its potential for growth as a civilized nation.

      So, having said that, YES football (not soccer) is the best sport ever, and all of you pansy soccer -wow he almost touched me, I better fall down and grab my leg in pain- guys can suck it up and simply acknowledge that you are second best. The only reason soccer is so popular around the world is that all you need to play is 2 rocks at each end of a dirt space and a round ball. No challenge there. Football requires a lot more skill and learning than…kick the ball that way kids!…and most people around the world don’t understand the sport enough to comment. It is not as simple as soccer. you cant master football in 5 minutes like soccer, sorry.

    5. Urdumb. Wow, you actually managed to throw around a bunch of words and actually say nothing of substance. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not a fucking thing. Just the ramblings of a dumbass mental midget without a goddamn point. Your name is correct, URdumb.

    6. LOL!?! I said nothing?

      You were the one who said nothing. All you said was “You disagree with me and that makes you a doodie-head! WAAH WAAH!”

      At least I made the point that USA rules and you are just a “wannabe American”, jealous of the USA’s obvious superiority in sports and everything else. You just hate the FACT that soccer is for wimps and you are not man enough to play a mans sport.

      Here is a newsflash kid. Like the rest of the USA I don’t care if you like me or not, and like the rest of the world, your biggest achievement is that you only serve to make me look good by comparison to your worthless ass. Good job in doing at least THAT by the way! FINALLY, you serve SOME purpose other than being an open hole for your boyfriend who just got out of prison. Nice work there, AIDS boy!

      Any more worthless words? Doesn’t matter, I won’t be reading them anyway. Once I own you, I forget you lolol!

      By the way, my name OBVIOUSLY describes you, not me. Nice job getting trolled AND owned sonny. I understand that you will be unable to comprehend that, but I forgive you that, on the basis that you cannot help being mentally deficient.

      As for Piete, brain dead is 2 words, YOU are the one hung up on gay people (I see you flirting with 2Lolo all the time) and when you are criticizing people, try to use correct grammar and spelling, otherwise you prove yourself to be the idiot. I have NEVER seen anything but gibberish from one of your posts, but until now never made a comment about your inadequacies. Now that you have addressed me directly, I made an exception because I feel that it is impolite to ignore the handicapped. I won’t be replying again, however, on the basis that it is unsporting to kick a cripple, even a mental cripple. Good fight.

    7. Sure my pathetic, ignorant ‘friend’.
      Keep living your meaningless, brainwashed life in the armpit of America, thinking you are superior to everyone else. Enjoy sitting in your shitty home, drinking that piss you dare call ‘beer’, while watching the ‘ultimate’ sport on this planet, eating junk food and getting obese, while your retarded offspring (if you were capable to reproduce at all with that hidious sister if yours) play xbox and grow up to think they are even more superior than their dilusional daddy, because when they play football in school the teachers are not allowed to tell them just how retarded they are, because that would be upsetting… everybody wins a medal in ‘merica, because it’s the greatest nation on the planet.

      Enjoy your bullshit Walmart life, because soon another one of your ‘admirers’ is bound to remind you how great you realy are by blowing a few of your superior family members to kingdom come…

    8. LOL, I love it how Americans are brainwashed into thinking they are superior to everyone else, while they are kept on a short leash by the few that rule their lives behind the scenes.

      Keep them ignorant, convince them they are the best, and make them work for a shitty life (and die proudly for a shitty country) while they help build the wealth of their puppet masters.

      But sure, you have your ‘freedom’ like no other country (LOL), and your precious football… enjoy your pathetic life motherfucker

  2. American Football: the sport especially designed for a nation that has a collective attention span not exceeding ten seconds.

  3. Guys, I need to suck a big fat cock!!! I used to get pounded in the ass every day, but my daddy dumped me because my anus got a little too loose. It has been days since I got to suck a big cock, and I really need a thick one in my mouth and in between my cheeks!!!
    Please, someone, let me suck you off, I will pay you money!!!
    I promise you won’t even know the difference if you close your eyes.
    I NEED COCK!!!

    1. It is Future 2lolo again, buddy. I guarantee you, the day shall not pass without you feeling the pressure of your step-dad’s urethra against your colon. You could also just kiss your mom and taste all of the man mustard like a tapas bar of semen. Either way you need orthodontics as the cock abuse is stretching out your overbite. If not corrected now, in two years you will lose your front teeth in a freak Panera bread crust accident, where you break them all out trying to deepthroat a loaf of hearty wheat in the checkout line. People will film the incident with their phones, causing equal embarrassment within the gay insane clown posse fan club and your probable ousting in November due to a vote of “No Confidence” amongst your colleagues. Time for KP and making carrot loaves for 2,000 other sweaty cocks. It is not as much fun as it sounds so make sure you get orthodontics now, current 2lolo. Future 2lolo out…

  4. So it’s official. Rugby players are the toughest. I know this is only one example but I task you with finding only one example of a rugby player diving.

  5. ok, the CFL description is not accurate. Skill positions can make pretty decent money upto 1/2 million. Many americans in the CFL can’t get other jobs during the football season, due to various laws.

    1. Since you always fail to mention exactly which country you are from, we must assume that you are dogging on our country because you are so ashamed of your own. URDumb was right, you are an idiot and a jealous one. If you were so proud of your country you would do what he did. He said his country that he was proud to admit was the USA was better than the rest of the world. You hide in your anonymous country, too ashamed to admit which 3rd world country it actually is because then we could point out why it sucks. We win, and you lose

    2. Ahhahhhahhhahh another muppet emerged

      This is exactly what I’m talking about… your shit for a brain has been preconditioned to believe you are the greatest, and you alway win everything…

      What exactly did you win here??? An internet trolling argument at best… wow, congratulations USA!!! USA!!!! USA!!!! You guys are the best!!! LOL

      I’m from a third world country called Austria (look it up, I know you have no clue where that is)… where the quality of life consistently outranks your shitty lives in every measurable way… with the notable exception of ‘merican football… that excuse for a ‘sport’ where you call an obese teenager an ‘athlete’

    3. Austria? REALLY, fucking AUSTRIA?!?! LMFAO!

      Ah, Austria. The land of funny little hats, lederhosen, about a billion tons of beer (and beer bellies), failed Nazi dreams, no sea ports, and zero relevance. A fine land whose failed currency so often devalued to the point of no value whatsoever, that it has had to have been forcibly changed at least twice, and has been bankrupted how many times now? How is that new Euro currency working out for you? When is the next bankruptcy scheduled? Don’t worry, you won’t have long to wait to find out.

      Austria, world famous for Jew extermination, theft by the state of all Jewish property and wealth, for supplying nearly half of the administrators and guards of Jewish extermination camps, addiction to pornography (as evidenced by an amazing multitude of porn shops) and NOTHING ELSE! Say, is the addiction to porn based on Fucking? Not the physical act of sex, the town NAMED fucking. Yes folks, you too could be an Austrian from some small Fucking town. The saddest part about the whole Nazi thing is, Germany has owned up to, and expressed regret for its actions during that WWII. Austria STILL takes no responsibility for itself during that time at all, and says “The Germans made us do it! We are victims too!”, instead of owning their own culpability. Which hideous Austrian Nazi is your favorite anyways? Odilo Globocnik? Franz Stangl? My money is on Ernst Kaltenbrunner , chief of Reich Security, because you just can’t beat a good SS man! Odilio was also an SS, but not as highly ranked, although he did help to “liquidate” several million Jews!

      Let’s talk significance. You have exactly ONE city with a population of over one mill, and the next closest one is only a quarter mill. Frankly, that is not very impressive. Let’s be realistic, that postage stamp sized piece of Nazi shit that you call a country is unheard of in modern times, and has been off the radar since the fall of the 3rd Reich. The last time I saw Austria mentioned in the news was…NEVER! You are completely irrelevant to current (No, Archduke Ferdinand is no longer considered current, sorry) world events. Just as an example, let us compare U.N. contributions. The USA provides over 1/5 of the total money (that’s over 20% for those of you educated in Austria, land of the 8 WHOLE year education system) supplied to the U.N. What does Austria supply? The answer is…wait for it…NEXT TO NOTHING! You are not even among the top 20 contributors, and barely even count. Worthless, worthless, worthless. All Austrian contributions to culture advancement end with Strauss and Mozart, and also end in the 19th century, unless one counts brewing beer as cultural contributions. Very modern! Drunk too.

      Now, do you want to talk about athletes?

      Your pussy athletes have earned you 86 TOTAL (Gold, Silver, and Bronze COMBINED) medals in the summer Olympics since 1896, and that is simply pathetic! The USA has 2399. We have 976 Gold medals alone. Let’s see…that would be USA having 11x more GOLD medals than your TOTAL medals combined. If you want to compare total medals in that vein, we have more than 27x your total.

      Let’s talk winter Olympics now. You should beat the USA there, right? After all, your ENTIRE country gets covered in snow and ice every year, and much of America never sees a single snowflake. Gives you a HUGE advantage as it is easy to find snow and ice to practice on, yes? Weeeeelllll…you do fare a little better, but STILL FAIL! Austria-218 total medals, USA-281! We win, AGAIN! The only area you even come close are bronze medals you have 81 compared to our 83. As for golds you only have 59 compared to our 96, just over 61% of our total. I guess it wasn’t enough of an advantage to live in the environment in which you (still fail to) compete. You actually managed to lose in your very own natural environment. Nice work!
      SO ATHLETIC you guys are! So much for the master race, hey Adolf?
      We believe that we are the best country BECAUSE WE ARE, not because we are conditioned to believe it. We are relevant TODAY. We are setters of policy, defenders of the weak, addressors of injustice, topplers of evil regimes (Like Nazis), and you are…oh yeah, you are still there…kind of…in a way…I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that your country has some fine points, and if we ever heard of ANYTHING that you EVER did, we might even know about some of them.

      What else have you got, Herr Barbl? Concentration camp jokes, maybe? Hey, how did that Russian campaign work out for you? They didn’t even have weapons, and they STILL kicked your ass! All they did, was wait for winter to come and kill your pussy Blitzkrieg goon squads, and you fell for it! LMAO!!! Good try Colonel Klink, but Hogan wins yet again. Now go read your own personally signed copy of Mein Kampf and let those of us who live in the relevant world get on with our business, okay?

      Here is a trivia question for you:
      Q: What would happen if the Swiss (Right next to Austria) took their lowest 10% IQ people and relocated them to Austria?
      A: The average IQ in BOTH countries would rise significantly.

      Got anything else, Fritz?

    4. *Sits back, relaxes and waits for*
      A)Confusion, denial, and crying
      B)Complaints about length, while ignoring the fact that it is all true
      C)Lame American jokes

    5. LOL… and whose land do you live on fucktard? Those Indians were sure treated humainly. LOL LOL LOL
      And you want to compare Olympic medals?
      USA Population: 319MM
      Austria Population: 8.5MM
      Olympic medals per 1MM ‘mericans: 7.5
      Olympic medals per 1MM Austrians: 10.1 (35% more)

      Man you are FUCKING RETARDED

      USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!
      The land of the arrogant ignorant and proud idiots. Dumb people, shitty cars, shitty food, no culture, shitty at sports, but proud to be ‘merican!!!


      Whose land do you live on motherfucker?
      Those Indians were sure treated humainly.

      Let us do some maths:
      Population of ‘merica: 319MM
      Population of Austria: 8.5MM
      Olympic medals / 1MM ‘mericans: 7.5
      Olympic medals / 1MM Austrians: 10.1

      That is 35% more than what your retarded ‘athletes’ achieved.

      Thanks for looking up the numbers BTW.

      Pop Quiz:
      What would happen if you were lobotomized?
      Your IQ would go up.

      USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!
      The land of the obese idiots. Shitty food, shitty cars, shitty sports, shitty AT sports, no culture, but great at inbreeding and proud to be retarded!!!

      Why don’t you go join the army and die a patriotic death at the hand of a 10 year old child.


    7. Hey uh, NotSignificant? They don’t base the numbers of people allowed to compete in the Olympics based on their population. We don’t get to enter more athletes than Austria. The same number of competitors are allowed from each nation. Every nation is allowed, let’s say, 5 skiers in the slalom, or five ice skaters, or 10 competitors in the whatever event. It is not based on population, just on who is the best from each nation. Nice try there, but your logic is flawed at best. The most you can say is that we here in America have a larger pool to draw from, but that still means that our best regularly beat your best. Nice fail son, got anything else?

      Just for the record, those words are spelled:
      Stupid (one would think that you had that one down pat by now)
      Mother Fucker (it is two words, not one)

      You also regularly screwed up by missing punctuation, capitalization, and had sentence construction fails here and there, but hey, you come from Dumbfuck Egypt (yeah I know it is usually Bumfuck but in your case I had to alter it to fit better) and the schooling there undoubtedly teaches you that the USA is evil. I forgive you your ignorance and now I forget you. Buh-bye!

    8. You are trying too hard, my logic is perfectly sound.

      When the talent pool (pardon the pun when it comes to ‘merica) is far larger, you are bound to get better candidates.

      Picking the best 5 people from 5 possible candidates vs. picking the best 5 people from a million possible candidates… which one would you think would net you the best candidates?

      It’s like when you only had the option of procreating with your mother. Of course you fucked the most wretched chick in all of ‘merica. But if you would have had the choice between your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your aunt and your daughter, you could have been able to bang a better looking chick.

      Motherfucker is one word… google it
      Maths is an English expression… but you ‘mericans are too fucking ignorant to even understand your own language.
      I won’t even address stooopid.

      You win, you can have humanely… USA!! USA!!! USA!!! YOU WIN!!!

      PS. English is my third language. How many languages do you speak as well as I do?

    9. NotSignificant, my statements still stand as true. Our best regularly beat your best. I admitted we have a larger pool of candidates already, but you must have missed that part. Selective comprehension I have to assume. Learn to read and comprehend the WHOLE thing.

      Math is a plural, like deer. The only time that the word “maths” is used is when you are talking about differing kinds of math, such as geometry as compared to calculus, and even then it is usually considered nonstandard, and therefore is wrong. Most people still only say math. You do not have to address stoopid, because you live it.

      You can ‘Merica to your hearts content and make up things about my family that you know aren’t true if it makes you feel better. It still will not change the fact that the USA actually IS better than your second or third rate country, and you and I both KNOW that just kills you.

      As to the language thing, I speak two, but I only have to know one. Here in America we know that the rest of the world only speaks English because they aspire to be as American like as they can possibly be, even though they pretend to despise us, while at the same time envying us so badly. What country are YOU so bravely not admitting to, Mr. Hides Behind Anonymity? You aren’t proud enough to admit it and take your lumps I notice. Good try kid.

  6. bill nye, you are truly an Artist, a Wordsmith of the first water, Bon Viveur and Raconteur. I was enthralled by your missive and delighted at your lampoons.
    You will be remembered in my annals as a genuine Star in the bleak world of useless , inane and ignorant replies and observations here on Ef, very few of which have anything at all to do with the subject matter at hand. For once, someone made me laugh at a reply!

    1. Thank you! It is nice to have an appreciative response! I get tired of the idiots saying “Murican” like we care what they think, when they and their own countries are largely irrelevant players on the world board. They feel weak, ineffectual, and helpless so they put us down to compensate for their own shortcomings. Jealousy is ugly and it is just too tempting to take shots at the big dog in an effort to make yourself feel better, I guess.

    2. Why don’t you read back the commentaries you ignorant dumb fuck?!?!

      The whole thing started with football vs soccer.

      It was you retarded ‘mericans that turned it into country-bashing. It wasn’t anybody else that started criticizing ‘merica, it was you ignorant fucks that started criticizing the rest of the world.

      Suck a dick

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