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    1. Damn mikey you have one vast imagination. But here’s a tip for you pal, how about instead of sitting with your finger lodged up your anus imagining things all day, go ahead and fuck a cabbage or something a bit more productive with that vast imagination of yours? Besides fucking a cabbage shouldn’t prove too difficult for you seeing as you probably have a pencil dick and you certainly have a vast imagination. So go ahead and get to work champ! 😀

    2. Mikey Gerbils are Rats… That Live in a DARK Hole.!!!!! PWNED Has 2 Rats Living in His ANUS.!!!!! I Don’t think it’s Gerbils…. PWNED Rats are From New York Sewers.!!!!!

    3. Actually 2homo, I know your retardation really can’t be diminished but none the less let me slightly educate you on the difference between a gerbil and a rat since you clearly stated that gerbils are rats that live in a dark hole, and that is a crack load of bull shit. Though I would expect such a retarded thought process from your dense ass whos sole purpose in life is to get ravaged by your daddy in his basement. Now on to the case at hand, a gerbil is actually a desert mammal despite belonging to the rodent family it is not a rat, as rats prefer a cool/humid climate. Hence leading the the next retarded statement you made that gerbils are from New York sewers, clearly a desert rodent/gerbile would not be located in a sewer as its preferred habitat would be of warm climate. So now that you have some insight on the difference between a gerbil and a rat why not go to the desert and get yourself a pet gerbil, and in the process please do pass by an oasis filled with cactus so you can find the longest pointiest one and ram it straight up your ass so that I can officially title you a cactus fucker? 😀

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