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  1. I don’t understand, is she a he, why did she have a panic attack. Not trying to be a troll, just want an explanation and not trying to have my Facebook account on this shitty website.

  2. Ambrosia, only time you ever had an Panic Attack.!!!! When you found out.!!! There was No One out side your Bedroom waiting for his turn.!!!!!

    1. I would let “her” stretch the wrinkles out of my pink raisin anytime……I hope “she” has an extra-wide, and extra-long sausage….

  3. He is a guy. And much like Jenner he can not accept the fact that he will never be a she. He can wear ladies clothes, get a boob job, and act like a girl all he wants. Fact is he was not born with a uterus, a pussy, or female hormones. No matter how hard he tries to convince everyone he is a she, it’s all lies and deception.

  4. This is how pathetic left-wing retards have become; hyper-sensitive, delusional, selfish, afraid of reality. Not a single one of them will be able to survive in the real world because there are no “safe spaces” in reality. Darwin already foretold the extinction of the left, it’s called “natural selection.”

    1. Um, yes it does still remain a chicken. But it doesn’t become a hen. Nice try. Next time ask an adult to help you with your thoughts.

  5. If that really happened, then you ARE the weakest link.
    Personally i believe the I-Diots running the site once again failed to drop this in it’s proper category.
    Please people go back to you villages, they are missing their idiots.
    As far as Bruce is concerned, I dont’c give a fuc*. He , It, That, thing can call itself what it wants. The rest of us shouldn’t care. HIS choice not ours. Call him/ it what you want.

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