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  1. NO ONE CARES FOR YOUR POLITICALLY CORRECT CRAP. You are adults. If you hear something you don’t like , walk away. DON’T SPEND MILLIONS MAKING KINDERGARTEN SAFE ROOMS FOR 21 YEAR OLD IDIOTS THAT CAN’T HANDLE A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW. Put on your big kid pants and deal with life in the REAL world. I find it funny that the same people that think a NO GUN ZONE sign will stop criminals, yet say a WOMEN ONLY sign won’t stop a child molester. Just baffling. All for a law that would allow men into womens bathrooms as long as they claim to FEEL like a woman that day,and say that the law should have passed because a sign won’t stop a predator anyway, Then in the same breath say we need more gun free zone signs because people will obey a sign. (just not the criminals) . WHO are they really working for? HINT. They are either retarded beyond belief or they really are social communists and want a world where everyone belongs to the state as long as they get to keep their position above you all.

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