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    1. @ Idiot Rules Me
      All the time, I didn’t Find anyone as STUIPT as You.!!! Now you and FAKE 2lolo is running Neck to Neck for the Most Idiot Retard.!!!!!!

  1. You just know that Jason, the person who posted this, is a huge ricer fan. The not-so-douchy title would be “idiot I idolize got in accodent”

    Imagine a world where people always have the entire make and model of every vehicle. “Hey man, did you see that Hyundai Elantra LX make the left turn and didn’t use his left indicator?” I would blow my brains out.

  2. This is one of my favorite videos on this site. Fuck you ricer pieces of shit, asshole like this was in an imaginary race with me or was trying to show off lost control and rear ended my chevelle and took off. Lucky for me my car is built like a tank and the dumb ass was from jersey and lost his front license plate, for once it didn’t take long for cops to find him. Best part is when they asked what happen to his car he claimed he hit a deer, they showed him his plate and he said must have got stuck in the deer. Lol he should have stopped didnt do much damage so wouldn’t have been much money to fix it.

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