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  1. Kinda reminds me of the comments section of this website. Repetitive nonsenses from two losers who think they are good at it.

    1. Anarchy…I agree with you. Getting tired or all the comments by a couple of retards that think whatever they say is funny. Moderator should start dumping their posts

  2. dropping panties since 94, fucker please you werent even a cum stain on you mommas thigh. and the only panties dropping are your crews as, to quote your fucking dumbass lyrics, so you can suck there dick like a crack pipe.

  3. I can’t stop watching this video. It is so bad. You have the fat guy with a porno stash rapping and anytime he isn’t singing he standing still or high-fiving people and then you have the skinny guy with a bad jeans and the obviously fake bling just being a complete douche. For a couple of guys who try to be rappers they come off as feminine. And like the last guy mentioned where are the girls? Obviously these two are such losers they don’t even have any female friends to throw into the video

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