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  1. Meanwhile, this is old. Meanwhile, ‘murica can’t get into space without Russian MKS engines. Menawhile, anyone touting Russophobe nonsense is either prepubescent in their thinking, has been completely brainwashed by the media and western zombie crating propaganda, or simpler yet, is just an all-around idiot. I guess it’s become popular for media to selectively choose who to be racist against. What a tolerant little world we all live in. The owner-admin of this is site is a bona fide schmuck.

    1. Oh and by the way, after checking. This is was a testing facility, that is, things get tested here. For those like this Jason person, that means a place where things fail often, like this site and its admin. Now there’s an epic fail for you.

    2. God you are a long winded dipshit. I don’t recall hearing anyone say they are afraid of Russia since the 80s. Actually last I recall I saw on the news just a day ago about how Russia is terrified of the US and named them a threat to their nation. Which is extremely funny since the US has never been weaker in its 200+ year history than it is now.

    3. @Idiot
      I encourage you to visit Russia. They eat pussies like you and Bill Nye for breakfast.

      Why don’t you ask the Syrians if they know anyone who’s afraid of Russians? As a matter of fact, why don’t you just ask your own government?

      @ Bill Nye: correct my grammar, bitch!

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