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    1. I think he is one of those Asian kids with Down Syndrome. I’m sure all this shit somehow makes sense in his head, but dude… he is obviously special needs

    1. I think it’s time for you faggots to come up with some new material, your shit is getting predictable.

      Maybe a group circle jerk or orgy with your uncle-daddy and/or sister-cousin could lead to some new ideas.

    2. Bill Nye is way ahead of you on that one!!!
      USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!!
      The best fucking nation on this planet, where illiterate obese motherfuckers are called athletes!!!

    3. Well K, you should not talk considering that no one in the past 6 generations of your family even know which of their mothers 5 boyfriends happens to be their father in the first place. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house, buddy. You want to make redneck jokes, be prepared for black jokes. At least black jokes are mostly true. Your redneck jokes are wildly exaggerated at best.

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