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    1. You seem like you are talking from a personal experience, almost like this has happened to you before. If so you either need to find someone that knows how to give good head or maybe you just are into really toothy B.Js. Either way from all the comments i have read on this site 2lolo is perfect for it.

  1. Ok, now I don’t know much if anything about tanning places except they seem to be extremely popular. Judging by all the orange toned people walking around its not something they only do once. So I’m pretty sure if she goes back to the same tanning place she has a damn good chance running in to him again. Prob not the best place to meet a “nice” dude tho.

    1. I was thinking that too, but the tanning beds probably fried her brain. Lol plus if he uses the tanning salon he is probably homosexual, very vain or both so chipping a tooth just ruined any chance she had. So either way she is beat.

  2. No to burst anyone’s bubble, but she clearly broke that tooth long ago and just accidentally yanked out her prosthesis. She didn’t just manage to crack a big tooth like that by biting her sleeve.

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