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    1. Judging by the hood I would guess that’s a Subaru wrx. Judging by the video I can tell you it’s a ricer riding faggot that has more money than brains and can’t even control an AWD vehicle on a dry road.

      A perfect example of why all wanna be ricer racer fags should be shot on sight.

    2. My Dearest Idiots Rule
      You Never Said you Hated My Subaru.!!!!! You Always Wanted to Go Riding In My CAR.!!!!! And SUCK My DICK As I’m Driving.!!!!!!

  1. It’s called lift-off over-steer.
    He lifted off when his right two wheels left the pavement, and lost traction as a result of the combination of the lift-off and the loose gravel.

  2. I call editing bullshit, you don’t take a nosedive like that without fucking up your hood and that hood, doesn’t even flex

  3. Idiots rule is a racist. Just because a few ricers don’t know how to drive doesn’t mean that all ricers can’t drive. I’m a ricer and have not had one accident nor had anyone ever complained of my driving. In fact most of the accidents were caused by people of other races. Some by blacks, whites, or Latinos. You have good drivers in ricers and bad drivers in any race.

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