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    1. You actually believe rednecks would actually have a modicum of common sense and do anything like that?

      There’s no reasoning with those people. Hell, they don’t even know the meaning of the word “reasoning.” Or the meaning of the word “word,” for that matter.

    1. …Fozik… your comment was even more of a fail than the idiot who left powder out. Sadly I question how much brain power you put into your comment, then i realized it was probably a high percentage for you which is equivalent to a normal persons ‘not very much’. i hope you never own a gun and have to defend yourself against a gay clan of gun holders.

  1. WOW, I just love the overwhelming anti-‘muricuhn sentiment. I’m sure Bill Nye is convinced we are all jealous.

    Suck my dick Bill Nye!

    1. Well if you weren’t so jealous you wouldn’t be loving how hard the haters try to hate. Good fail NotSignificant.

      Just because your wannabe American country doesn’t let you own firearms since the Nazis confiscated them, doesn’t mean that you should hate on the USA. Go ahead and “Murica” and “USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!” a few more times to show how much you ‘hate’ America, you jealous twat?

    2. And once again we note that you still refuse to state what loser country you are from. Are you really THAT ashamed of your 3rd world country that you refuse time after time to admit where you are from? Learned that lesson from my lambastie Piete hey? I don’t blame you, I would not want to admit to my 3rd rate country if I were you either, kiddo. Suck it up, someday maybe your country will allow you to own guns too…

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