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    1. Says the pussy on the internet ^ So what should he have done? He already stated that this women he has 2 cases against and now he has the evidence he needs against her. If he put his hands on her he’d be the one in trouble. This was the correct thing to do. He also now has on her Attempted Murder with a vehicle. You must have been dropped on your head as a kid as your brain obviously is not working right.

    2. Dropped on the head is a good possibility. Another may be the consumption of lead-based paint chips from the window sill.

    3. “Men” like him are the reason bitches like that exist. This guy is such a pussy that his woman KNOWS nothing is gonna happen if she breaks all his shit ! She even tried to kill him and had the nerve to come back and get out of the car…and the pussy went back inside like a spineless fag !

      Where were those cunts back when it was still considered okay to smack them around a little bit ? They knew their place because men were making it fucking clear how weaker they are. This video is basically a result of feminism…

    4. @Dero. You are the only fag on this post. Sure it’s cool to play keyboard commando and talk about what you would do. But guaranteed you wouldn’t do it in a real life scenario. You’d be behind bars and taking it up the tailpipe within mins. But then again, You’d probably like that.

    5. Sknib is a fucking bitch. This dude aint afraid of this crazy bitch, he knows that like all men, he has no legal or physical defense against a women, and if he does anything, he’ll be in way deeper shit than this homicidal whore. That being said, I hope this crazy bitch gets locked up in an asylum for life. She is fucked in the head.

    6. Really Dero? Crazy bitches exist because of “guys like him?” Naw, bitches be crazy, period – aint no pleasing them anyhow. And the funny thing is you’re such a pussy-worshiping little bitch that you blame him for HER behavior, but that’s par for the course since pussies like you endlessly make excuses for women’s fucked up and entitled behavior, and we all know women are too stupid and weak to ever take responsibilities in their own lives.

      Here’s some truth for you: you’re such a fucking pussy, you make excuses for how crazy and whorish women are. You know what that’s called? The world’s most pathetic fucking mating strategy, you dickless little cunt. Maybe some day you’ll get laid, and if you ever move out of mommy’s basement and get enough pussy, you’ll see it for the over-inflated and over-rated commodity that it is. Now stop being such a self-hating little prick and foster some respect for men and some remote sense of self-worth already, you brainless, fucking zombie-scrotum.

    7. @Zimm – “…you’re such a pussy-worshiping little bitch that you blame him for HER behavior…stop being such a self-hating little prick and foster some respect for men…”

      You got me wrong. I’m not surprised that you didn’t understand shit, you dumb nig*er. I blame the “pussy-worshipping” type of “man” for that kind of behavior. This kind of women grew up thinking that because they have a vagina, a man cannot hit them no matter what they do. Saying this bitch is crazy is an easy excuse, she just never got a reality check. The homicidal cunt above is way past what is an acceptable reason to knock her out. Let’s say it’s a 5’2, 125lbs guy fucking up is car up and breaking his windows, wouldn’t you call him a pussy for hiding inside instead of rushing out to kick his ass…? Why is it different because it’s a woman ? You’re the one worshipping pussies…

      @Idiots rule – “…You’d be behind bars and taking it up the tailpipe within mins. But then again, You’d probably like that.”

      I don’t know in what shithole some of you live in but where I live, you don’t go to prison because you knocked a bitch out, the law is as soft as silk. Considering she’s walking up to him after trying to kill him it could be considered self-defense. A cop would have shot her without any hesitation. And you’re the one who brought up tailpipes and prison sex you closet homo…

    8. @Dero

      You missed my point too, you stupid cunt. I never said he shouldn’t have hit the bitch, but with proof of vehicular assault and everything else, she will get punished since she pushed this shit too far, and sure, while you can try to keep a dumb, entitled bitch in check, it’s simply female nature to be that way, and here we have an extreme and psycho example of it. Sure, after she tried hitting him with her car, he could have run around to the other side of the car, dragged her out of the driver seat, and smashed her face in, but with so many strikes against her, he’s still putting himself in an even shittier situation. This has nothing to do with worshiping pussy, but point remains, ideally dropping a dumb-bitch out of your life like a hot-rock doesn’t involve her stalking you and destroying your life, but just because some bitch is doin shit, or even violating a restraining order, doesn’t give you free reign to do as you please, or give you freedom from the consequences of your actions. There has been and continues to be countless stories of men getting the shit end of the stick just for defending themselves from a dumb bitch who deserves whatever she gets.

  1. Sorry for my earlier comment, it seems to have offended certain factions of the EF community. I would like to change my comment to ‘Pussies’.

    1. Dude, did you listen to what he said? She’s already got two cases against her for previous behavior. She has made false accusations against him and got him arrested. Short of calling the cops right here he was doing it the right way. Avoid the confrontation, film the bitch destroying property, and then get her busted. She tried to hit him with the car, vehicular assault. She broke his house windows and car window, malicious destruction of property. And she hit his car and took off, hit and run. This bitch is looking at 2 maybe 3 felony charges and jail time. He kept his nose clean. He’s not a pussy. He was being smart, for the most part. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise.

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