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  1. Firstsies again Yay!
    My Cat feels the same way about my cooking as I feel about pussy — bleccch, give me cock instead. Once in a while when my gay, clever, educated friends aren’t at my bump lasting parties I will let my cat lick my dangling — the rough texture reminds me of Piete and his ‘roidy bunghole.

  2. Dear CHIEN SALE
    Remember when we had a 3-way.???? And Piete Fuck Your Month Right After Piete Fuck My Sweet Ass.!!!! Your Face Looks just like that Cat.!!!!!

    1. I might have had that expression on my face when I turned the corner and saw you, spook, and piete ‘engaged in your activities’ mouth deep in ass and balls to the chin…. Who wouldn’t?

    2. Aaaa…. Comeon Now.!!!!! Why Are You KEEP On CALLING to Me.???? Asking US For a 3-WAY AGAIN.!!!!!!! But this time you want Your BUTT HOLE RAM DEEP.!!!!!!

    3. Sorry If this hurts your feelings Piete-Lolo.
      I do not want to partake in your gay 3 ways and I never will.
      I’m sure that you guys will find your 3rd at some point, until then you should enjoy having each other to yourselves.

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