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    1. Dearest Piete
      Who is this 2lolo you and Idiot Rules Me.???? That Toy look just like ” Idiot Rules Me “.!!!! I’m still in love with you Piete…. I don’t Care all of the Dirty Nasty things I did for you.!!!!! Miss your Hard Dick in my Sweet Ass.!!!!!

    2. Lol I couldn’t of said it better myself. With the exception that, at the very least the stupid robot is some what responsive. 2lolo on the other hand just spews retard from all angles and lodges his finger in his anus when attempting to communicate with the fool.

    3. Actually, it is my right forearm that gets lodged in his anus so that I can make him speak like a puppet.

    4. Dear PWNED
      I lost My Love For You… Please Pack up and Move Out.!!!!!! You CHEATING GAY.!!!! You have 24 Hours or I will Call the COPS and Drag Your CHEATING ASS OUT.!!!! When I came home I Heard MOANING and GROANING Coming from our Bedroom.!!!! I told myself you was watching our SEX TAPES.!!!!! I got undress and open the DOOR.!!!! I SEEN YOU GETTING YOUR ASS FUCK AND MOANING and GROANING CALLING OUT ” I LOVE YOUR BIG COCK THAT’S IT FUCK MY ASS HARDER DEEPER.!!!!! FAKE 2LOLO.!!!!!!

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