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  1. That has got to be one of the gayest names of all time. Right next to 2homo. Hey 2homo…. Tell us all your real name anyway….

    That said this doucher probably grew up playing video games and is considered an entertainer. Is it a suprise this is his opening act?

    1. All that being said, I would still lick his nutsack while 2homo ravages my rear end. That’s how Idiots Rule Roll…

    2. Is that 2homo.???? Well I Ratter have him than you ” Idiot Rules Me “.!!!!!! He is 100% Better Looking than You Nigga.!!!! Your the First NIGGA with the SMALLEST DICK I Ever SEEN.!!!!! A 4 inch. Hard-On.!!!!!!

  2. While he does have a rather gay haircut, this ‘faggot’ could kick both of your pussies’ asses in 2 seconds flat.

    You fucktards sit behind your computers all day, and you have the nerve to call a world-class athlete a faggot.

    You retards grew up playing videogames, and can’t run for 30 seconds… this guy grew up training hard and became an excellent fighter

    1. Piete — your mom just called me, she found out about your affair with Sage Northcutt. She thought that she was the only one that you had intimate relationships with — you had better hurry back home and ‘reconcile’ with her in the basement where you live before she invites me in again. She has the bleach and brillo ready — hurry!!!

    2. ‘Sweetheart’?! You’ve got the wrong idea bi-Piete
      ‘keep up the good work’? That’s what she said…

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