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    1. Dear RUGay
      I know your Gay! My price is $20. Blowjob, $50. Fuck $100. Everything. But for you t’s half price!

  1. I would have pulled that bitch from the car by the hair and tied her, by that same hair, to the nearest stop sign pole or whatever was handy, BEFORE she got a chance to trash my vehicle. I think that qualifies as reserved and restrained considering her obvious state of inebriation and aggression.

  2. shes fucking hot though, id stay in a relationship with her if she were mine, shes got doctor money and crazy, that pussy has got to be good

  3. Obvious foreplay couldn’t be more obvious. She was BEGGING for a fat cock up her arse and this retard called the cops on her?! wtf

  4. wow, truly a bunch of lonely fucks in their mom’s basement huh. It’s basically all the same comments, what a shame seriously, even a retard that blamed Obama, I would of indeed not let her trashed my car but you can all be alone OR with a sick despicable women like that with a primitive attitude like that… What a was of space you all are.. Adios

    1. You don’t even read the comments do you, idiot? He said in Obamerica, which is to say, in the way America is misrun today. He never said it was Obamas fault. She, and she alone is responsible for her behavior, but in the twisted way the country now works, HE may well get charged with assault if there was not a camera recording every second.

      Secondly, I am every inch a gentleman with someone who is a lady. She is not a lady, she is a cunt. As a cunt, she deserves no respect, no consideration, and the poor attitude from others that she asks for with her horrible behavior. You whining about how horrible we are does nothing to change the fact that SHE is the one behaving badly here, not us. We are simply responding to her actions.

    2. @megaverse (mega-arse) What is a was of space?
      In any case, I’m glad that you hate women — makes it easier foe me to fuck your ass! If my dick tastes like shit, it is because you don’t wipe or shower — bitch!!!

    3. Also, learn what a period is, please. One long run-on sentence is not a good way to express yourself. You should be especially careful to say something right when you are criticizing others, because looking like an idiot doesn’t help to make your own case.

      Learn how to construct a sentence.

      Comma’s are not periods.

      “was of space”?

      Sadly, although all you use is the comma, you failed to use it in all the necessary spots. THAT is a true fail, kiddo.

      Who is apparently in moms basement now? The answer is…wait for it…YOU!

    4. ^^^ This comment ^^^
      Proves you fags are both retarded.
      Learn basic English before you start criticizing someone else’s grammar.
      Fucking losers.

    5. Awwwww, someone is gwumpy this morning.

      What’s the matter? You didn’t swallow enough jizz last night and now you can’t pay your rent??

    6. With you as the reference point, even a retarded 8 year old would be considered a genius. So I won’t take that as a compliment…
      Is that what you get when daddy pulls out a little early?

    7. Adios. Crazy bitches like that are great fucks, but you have to kick them out and lock the door after you’re finished.

  5. BTW @megaverse, it is would have, not would of…
    let her trash, not let her trashed.
    How was school? What is school?? Ima live in da basement.

  6. Who is apparently in moms basement now? The answer is…wait for it…YOU!

    It’s Mom’s DUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHh you guys smell and wirtingz r awful.

    Get a fucking life URdumb

  7. Not caused by alcohol. Alcohol just allowed her to express herself.
    I think gender equality requires certain level of social protection of women. But of course some rude overconfident cunts, who are like that because they grew up getting everything for free and never being punished for bad behavior, will exploit it. What should have happened there, is a female bystander, or her own friend, going and pulling that bitch out of the way, enabling the driver to leave. I hope she will become “famous” for this and will taste what it’s like to not have a life so easy.

  8. She really does need the beating of her life.
    Then when she wakes up in the hospital she will have had time to rethink her actions
    Until she died whenever she felt the urge to be a rotten cunt
    She would remember what happened last time

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