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  1. Behind every delusional person is one or more enablers. The job market will correct this personality problem when she can’t live at home anymore.

    Hold up…. where are her parents?

  2. She’s clearly not enough of a cat to give up her internet, technology, stupid facial piercings, makeup and stuffed animals and live out on the wild catching her own food. Special little snowflake…

  3. Yeah, all of the Muslim “immigrants” invading her country right now are really gonna put up with this crazy shit.

    You gonna get raped pussycat.

  4. well she seems as lazy as a fuck’n’cat anyway so good match for that… Seems like retards over here are starting to imitate the dumb retarded pedohpile culture of the fuckn’japs, now that’s sad, seems we’re stuck bettween muslims primates or advance japs pedo manchild … 😉

  5. When i thought certain humans can’t be more dumb, there it goes! And we haven’t seen it all… I don’t want to live in this planet anymore……….

  6. People who did not get that this us humour and obviously fiction and acting should maybe do an iq test to see if there is something horrible wrong.

    1. Hate to break it to you, Ken, but she’s not from the U.S. Also, don’t think she’s kidding – I think she’s f-‘d up, like that lady here who decided she was black, even though she was white. The world is full of them. Without therapy, this broad will be talking to herself one day in a hoarde-house with 20 cats.

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