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  1. And all the retarded ‘muhricuhns will start their usual boring rant about how soccer is for fags, and football is a real sport invented by the best fucking country in the world. Football, where obese teenagers with arthritis and brain damage are called athletes.

    Bill Nye, correct my grammar bitch!

    1. Your jealousy of America is overwhelmingly obvious. You hate us because you ain’t us.
      Go get your teeth fixed, take off your moms underpants, get a life and stop being such a whiny cunt.

      BTW, soccer is for fags.

    2. Stop being such a whiny bitch. Americans kicked your ass in two wars, and saved your ass in another two wars. You’re welcome.

    3. To Random Internet Guy: kicked whose ass in two wars and saved whose ass in another, exactly? You seem like the typical product of a ‘murican education system, that is, brainwashed. Unless you’re talking about your civil war or your war for independence, you had less than a fraction to do with WWII, failed in Korea, lost in Vietnam, can’t get out from under Iraq or Afghanistan, support and train ISIS and are now trying to pick up the pieces and “appear” like you’re fighting them while Russia is doing all the work, again! About the only thing you’ve proven you can do is destroy other nations’ innocent people in order to enrich a few elitists hell bent on blood for dollars. Wow. Do they really tech you this stuff in school? Bet you think the first man in space was a ‘murican as was the first woman? Of course you do. Try a history book not written by your country. You might learn how stupid your country really is.

    4. brrr… brrr… brrr…. crickets
      Dumb fat fucks are all busy watching the super bowl and guzzling that piss they call beer. Enjoy your chicken wings motherfuckers!

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