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    1. I know. I don’t claim to know anything about the laws in that particular locality, but I imagine she broke some of the by interfering with their arrest and slapping the one cop in the face!

  1. When will people learn, if the cops are going to arrest you, then just let them arrest you, they are going to do it the easy way or the hard way. Say nothing at the police station then if it makes it to court they have to prove that you did what they said you did.

  2. Mr. Police man can’t wait to pepper spray a female, even though the guy just picked an officer up and threw him on the ground?

    1. How many chances did she need? How many times did he tell her to back off? After all that she didn’t even get arrested. Would you rather have a criminal record or sore eyes for a few hours? You are part of the problem, you think you are owed special treatment and have no idea whats fair because your prejudice blinds you.

    2. I agree with jetty they should’ve cuffed her long before. Chiensale, no. Sknib, I’m generally smart enough not to interfere with police business. They should’ve cuffed her, it doesn’t mean she’s being arrested, just detained. Yes they gave her too many chances.

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