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  1. @ FAKE 2lolo
    Kanye West Want’s you to Join him and Kim in a 3-Way.!!!!!! Kim Ass Hole Is Getting To Big.!!!! Kanye Is Hoping Your Ass Hole is a Little Tighter.??????

  2. Kanye is such a gayfish! He didn’t enjoy all the people clapping the first time he showed it so he had to make up a bullshit story that everybody in San Francisco told him to fuck off when he told as lab Francisco people about his irrational video game intro.
    He probably told the developers about it and expected them to do it for him for free because he thinks he is a God and they told him hmmm… Fuck off you Gay Fish!
    Now he expects all the extras whom he stiffed at his wack ass clothing line show. He made those people put up with his bullshit all day from 6am til who knows how late the show went on til and he didn’t even pay them….! Kanye needs to pull that Fish Dick outta his mouth and quit fingering his anus 3fingers deep and realize God isn’t a delusional black blowfish looking ,3fingers in the ass shoving , walking into stationary signs stupid being.

  3. As an American myself, it kinda pisses me off when people talk shit about us. Then this black idiot comes out and opens his mouth then I’m like…oh, I get it.
    Is there any country here who would like to take him off our hands? We’ve had enough.

    1. Your country might actually nominate a billionaire asshole as president. Nobody cares about Kanye anymore. It’s much deeper than that.

    2. At least we would be nominating a man that has proven he can do something well and handle international deals. Last time they hired a fund raising ni66er that stole a senate seat and didn’t even complete a term, knew fuck all about any kind of international dealings, was hired because of the color of his skin and had ZERO experience at anything but being a racist marxist American hating cunt. He turned out to be the fucking WORST president ever but I bet you loved him.

  4. If stupid narcissism were an olympic sport Kanye would be disqualified as he has too much pro time in. While you are at it , add will smith and the cunts whinging about no blacks getting an oscar this year. They have YET to give a Bet award to anyone that is NOT black.

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