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  1. These twenty somethings have the maturity of a twelve year old. They hurt a person’s feelings and then try to justify it by saying, “I was only joking.”

    1. You forgot how stupid they dress. I mean seriously, he looks like one direction fucked green day and it produced another diskless wonder. She looks like she’s between waking up and her first meth hit.

    2. Yeah no shit. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those faggot ass skin tight jeans that homo is wearing. And it’s great they are just sitting around the house cause that dumb skank has possibly the worst fashion sense on earth. I wouldn’t even walk on the same side of the street as her.

    3. @ Idiot Rules Me
      True.!!!!! They Don’t Make JEANS your size. 55….. But you MumMum fit you just right.!!!!!

  2. Skinny, un-toned legs. Flabby ass (but not fat). She’s a 4 that could be a 7 with a lot of work. He’s a douchebag and a closet homosexual.

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