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  1. mere words are not enough to express how utterly awesome this is. i mean, if only it were somehow “interracial” then this would be the top trending idea in the world… hell, even in outer space

    1. Yeah? You sure it didn’t start on 2013? May be on 2015? Maybe you should read a fucking book so you don’t sound like a chimp with a phone. Maybe it was started in purpose as a joke.

    1. Then who the hell is named “Vertasha”?

      “Vertasha and I knew we were attracted to each other”[/quote]

  2. Stupid cunts. Yes you CAN make babies PRECISELY BECAUSE you are women. You can’t impregnate each other, but you can certainly make babies. Which no doubt you will do with a baby daddy for the extra money in your welfare check. he only reason blacks are still a thing in America is because they keep voting for the racist Democrats who keep them in financial slavery with welfare. Fucking STUPID.

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