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  1. I love when people get tattoos on their faces, and a ton of piercings, then can never seem to figure out why people stare at them.

  2. My father in law said this about tattoo’s – One is a sign of curiosity, more than one is a sign of stupidity. 3 years ago, MD Anderson put 3 small dot tattoo’s on me for alignment for radiation treatment. Told the father in I still agree with him on tattoo’s. He gave me a pass for my tattoo’s.

  3. The shine not only has face tattoos, buy he’s got a Swastika and Stars of David. I knowthe 6 pointed star is agang thing (crips I belileve) and the Swastika is Arayan Brotherhood. But I doubt this loser is AB. Not with those lips and hair.

    1. This from what is obviously Hillary Clintons chief scientific advisor? Get some new material, Braniac. Repeating the same shit 50 times doesn’t make you clever, it just proves you to be an idiot. And just for the record, Trump may be exactly what the country needs. He isn’t a lifelong politician with extensive party ties. He isn’t a the perfect choice I grant you, but he may well be the best of all the poor choices we have. That being said, quit being such an ass puppet and saying “Trump supporter” every time someone looks or acts more intelligent than you, okay?

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