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    1. The demonstration was flawed. The teacher was supposed to be holding the weight of the ball before the release. If the student is holding the ball, they must be exerting a force away from the weight of the pendulum. Releasing the weight unbalances them, and they must shift their new center of gravity over their feet by leaning forward (really just straightening up from leaning backwards) or they will fall backwards. It is then inevitable that they will get hit in the face unless they move out of the way. Teacher fail. Physics misunderstood. Trust abused.

    2. No “Truth”, It should work with the student as well, We used to do it in our science class in college, no unbalancing just stand still and dont lean forward. Don’t think to much on this.

  1. Truth – Common Sense Fail by the airheaded student. She looks like she is participating as a way to get close to the instructor and seems more focused on flirting with him for a better grade – which she just demonstrated she does not deserve. Now that she has a mouth injury, she probably failed the course….

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