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  1. It was at that moment that. Jamie knew she had made a serious mistake. No white person wants to be black. She thought to herself, maybe it was time to get some therapy.

  2. This was a news story – The girl was taking the piss out of a celebrity who claimed the perfect finish to a fake tan was applied via a painting ROLLER.. SO the “CHICK” got the darkest tan available and rolled herself to create a facebook snap , mocking the celebrity .. ( she is taking the piss )

  3. “Taking the piss out of”??? You retarded ass must be either a Brit or a canuck. That’s probably one of the gayest things ive ever heard along with wanker and tosser. It’s no wonder the US is the only remaining super power left in the world.

    1. The US is the only WHAT left in the world? Holy Chrsit, are all Americans this stupid? How about Russia, China. Did you know that in the last 2 years Russia has caught up to the US and officially noted by both US and NATO intelligence as equal. Did you know that in nuclear terms Russia has been and continues to be #1 and by a country mile, almost 3 times the nuclear arsenal of the US and possesses ICBM technology that cannot be stopped and has no analogies, which in reverse, the US does not possess? Are you aware that… oh brother, try getting out once-in-a-while.

    1. Your comment defies logic. Why would a trump supporter paint them-self up to look like someone who should be on the other side of the wall?
      You are an idiot and probably a closet trump supporter.

  4. …..since she’d been banging porch monkey’s her entire life, that she finally decided she should paint herself black.

  5. Can we please get back to race bashing and off this retarded fucking “my country is better than your country” comment trend. It’s so much more entertaining to read while I’m taking a shit.

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