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    1. Referencing VeniceBeachloc above, a.k.a., California liberal: folks, you do realize that if you read this person’s comments on the last several dozen posts a diagnosis is apparent. Psychotic episodes. Repetitive chanting. Incoherence. All the telltale signs of schizophrenia. The nail in the coffin? Clinton supporter. Here’s your prescription:

      “Take two bullets to your own head immediately.”

      Trump, although not the ideal candidate, given what ‘Murica has become is surely the lesser of all evils that might, just might, help alleviate what was once America and the rest of the world from the horrors your last 3 administrations have caused. As a non-citizen, I do believe I can even vote for him… twice!

  1. “I got it all on camera!” What a little shit. His friends or family just damaged a car, and he’s so excited that he got it on camera he makes sure to tell them, as if that’s the first thing they’re worried about (let alone at all)? I would have climbed down from the car and smashed his fucking camera.

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