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  1. @2homo… Glad to see you are enjoying your “gaycation” and are finally comfortable enough to post about your sexuality under your real name.

    P.S. why do idiots on Facebook always post replies to bots thinking they are telling someone off?

    1. @ Idiot Rules Me
      In real Life That’s PWNED… Fucking IDIOT.!!!! Why is it.??? when your on Facebook, you Always Talking to Yourself.??? NO FRIENDS.!!!!!!

  2. You have sexually labeled yourself into oblivion. In reality, there are men, there are women, and then there are people with Daddy issues.

  3. good job everybody, they deleted their blog and nobody will have to see this abomination that tumblr has bred ever again

  4. That dude would do well to take whatever came along. I would suggest a dog. But he would probably eat it. Also , your racism is showing cunt.

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