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  1. Didn’t he read the instructions? You have to spread that stuff around in a thin, even coat. He’ll never be able to efficiently draw the heat into the motherboard the way he’s doing it.

    1. obviously you didn’t read the instructions too, because the thermal paste goes on the CPU under the heatsink not under the CPU and it doesn’t draw the heat into the motherboard lmao

    2. ItGal is a retard. She has NO clue what a joke is. Perfect time to play spot the Feminist / vegan.

    3. @ Nuckelhedd yes I know what a joke is, this one is a total miss. BTW If I’m a Feminist/vegan retard, that must mean you’re a goat fucking muslim.

    1. Indeed he was. You are displaying it right this moment with your comment. EVERY one that didn’t fall under that rule missed the joke entirely. That would be YOU

  2. No need to add more, this is good. What this CPU needs is water cooling. One glass of water would do, but only if a teaspoon of salt is dissolved in it, which makes it cooler. Ideally, run the computer with open case, and pour the salty water all over the components. It is critical to get it into the PSU as well, because that’s where all the heat goes to. And problem solved.

    1. @the 4 birdbrains that posted above…

      Are all 4 of you Canadian? Or just extremely stupid and sheltered? Your half wit attempts at comedy are much larger fails then the actual post itsself.

      Please be considerate enough to spare the rest of the community from any further stupidity

    2. idiot:
      is ‘itsself’ your way of sounding out your gay cocksucker lisp. No need, we already know.

  3. Made In China on the MB. Irda header is non existent and the usb header right near the CPU? Yeah. This is a huge fake and thankfully done with garbage but I would BET these guys have ACTUALLY had this come in as a problem from an idiot customer.

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