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  1. Funny, how alcohol VAPORS will travel down a bottle to the lowest point. You’d think people would know this by now.

    1. Well, we all know women scream for nothing any way, and hair flames are usually extremely easy to put out so, it probably seems worse than it is and qualifies as funny

    2. Thank you for beingthe thought police the world has tried so hard to eliminate from society. You are the regressive culmination of totalitarian fucktards that had their peak with the inquisition. FUCK you

    1. ChienSlae
      It’s Too Bad That Thing Wasn’t Your Mother or Sister…. You Too When You Dress as a Tranny.!!!!! Just Maybe You and Your Family Might Look Better Than a Donkey Ass.!!!!!!!

    2. Hey 2Lolo — I think that mr. french leboner wants one of your 5.00 BJs.
      He also likes to eat garbage while riding his bicycle and listening to the radio. Must be a froggie hipster.

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