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  1. Someone needs to call the cops on this twatwaffel and have her charged for animal cruelty. Yes I will admit my dog is a “vegetarian” due to her allergies to meat and wheat… She still gets fish but a vegan dog? I’m very worried about her pets

    1. Your dog gets fish when it licks your tewatwaffle? Is it a blueberry waffle by any chance??

    2. Chiensale dont compare everyone to your mother.

      Fozik if you are smart enough to know what a pescatarian is then you should be smar enough to know they fit under the umbrella term of vegetarian… Don’t try to make yourself look smart it’s not working too well for you.

    3. @CanaDUHGirl — how original, mother insults.
      Do you live in an igloo? How many rolls of your whale blubber does your dog have to wade through to get to your pussy??

    4. ChienSale We all know you Love eating Meat
      All Type’s of Meat… Dog Meat, Cat Meat, Horse Meat As Long as It’s Hard and have BALLS.!!!!

    5. Chiensale canadian jokes how original… Not like I don’t hear that crap 100 times a day from ignorant people… Oh shit I g2g my pet polar bear just broke through my igloo window… Guess I better get my dogsled team together so I can go to the lake to get some ice for a new one…

    6. 2lolo — I see that you have been granted a few minutes leave from your padded cell.
      Yes, I am not a vegan/vegetarian and I do enjoy a good steak now and again (cut from beef, medium rare at most).
      Not to be confused for your love of tube steak 2homo…

    7. Not quite what I had in mind.
      Unless you are trying to say that yours is hairy and has teeth!

  2. Fuck the dog, these cunts all claiming PTSD REALLY piss those of us who actually went to war and came back fucked right off. She wants to feel PTSD? COme live with me for a year and I will terrorise you every day similar to what it was like being in a war zone and then tell me how nice your “PTSD and ANXIETY” was before you fucking scaggs

  3. Is it just me, or are others sick of those gender/body type/psychological/orientation personal descriptions? Frankly, I don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut what you are, and I doubt anybody else does, either.

  4. Dogs can’t be vegetarians. They haven’t developed teeth like that to eat fucking avocado’s and lettuce.
    This tranny freak needs to go drink a couple gallons of bleach.

  5. Why the fuck do fucked people have to buy innocent animals to fuck up, fuck yourself up bitch leave the dog alone!

  6. Wow! So many titles and qualifiers! She must be one interesting cunt! Or better yet, she’s so fucking boring and retarded, that to give any meaning or interest to her life, she has to call herself a “squirrel-kin!”

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