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  1. And the other 8748574857857845 times he failed at it beforehand.

    Also, while these Hollywood-type theatrical moves are visually impressive, they are completely useless in a real fight. This little bitch would get his ass kicked in 5 seconds flat by someone who trains in a useful discipline…

    1. PS: but then again nobody said he preferred to be in a legit fight as opposed to being visually impressive, and i think he is fully aware of the fact you mentioned, His skills are useful in their own way too, such as being visually impressive for hollywood purpose as you say, maybe this guy, rather than wasting time on the extremely tough competitive arena that is combat sports, may have a more lucrative future instructing actors at being visually impressive. Even yet he might just do it for fun, and pure passion consequently leading to inspiring somebody who may do something further with it, which is worth certain credit in it’s own way. besides he would probably kick your ass, and/if not still most peoples)

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