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  1. why is the supposed test result blurred? I googled this imagine and apparently, multiple people from multiple countries have sent the exact same text message in different languages. smells like photoshop to me.

  2. He’s got a horn! Look! Look at this abomination! Its only purpose is to KILL KILL KILL bitchslap yer bloody asses.
    Give it a shot of tequila and see that thing GO! I heard they will speak in tongues if they’re fed a virgin’s liver.
    Get to the pornographic institute! Quick! Shotgun killercannon time.
    Show no mercy for you shall receive none!

  3. I just realized that the fail’s on the old boyfriend, too. Either he gave her the VD, or somebody else did that she cheated with, and maybe he has it, too. All three are f’ed.

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