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  1. 2lolo went to the same tattoo artist. This is why he has a cock on the side of his face and ILUVCOCK written across his neck.

  2. @ I am Gay
    You got me Mix Up With Fake 2lolo.!!!! There is No Tattoo on My neck.!!!!! ChienSale Told Me That Fake 2lolo has a Tattoo of a Cock on Her Ass.!!! A Tattoo of a Cock with an Arrow pointing to her Pie Hole..!!!!! I hate to Tell You Fake 2lolo Tested POSITIVE for HERPES and HIV… You better check with your Doctor.!!!!!

    1. 2lolo — no tattoo on your neck? OK, so only the cock on the side of your face and the words ‘insert cock here’ written where your mustache should be…

    2. RUGay
      Now I remember you…. Your the Fag in Sears Restroom.!!!!! When I was Pissing, you came next to me, Stick Out Your LIMP Dick.!!! Took a Look ay My Cock and Told me…. Told me, You Can Piss on me Any Time.!!!!! I’ll SUCK Your Cock DRY.!!! And Shallow Every Drop.!!!! Than I turn to you and Piss on your Dress.!!!!! YOUR A SICK TRANNY.!!!!!!!

  3. This kind of mental retardation doesn’t even phase me any more.
    This is just your typical, run of the mill, everyday progressive liberal jackoff.
    The one that wants $15 an hour to put fucking fries in a basket and push a button to drop it in the hot oil. The type that is only tolerant of your opinions, so long as they are the same ones they have. The type that shoves their homosexuality down your throat; and God help you if you don’t bake their gay cake for their abomination of a wedding. The type that wants to unconstitutionally FORCE a religious organization to perform the services for their queer fuckin’ ass; going against the separation of church and state.

    Fuck this God damn freak. It should be force fed hydrochloric acid until dead.

    1. @get a rope:

      Hate agreeing with people on this site. In fact, I carefully pick out the special idiots when writing a remark. But despite the obvious FAIL of thought exchange here, when someone makes a statement worth recognition, I say, job well done! Thumbs up.

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