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  1. What an asshole. Guy in the white car was minding his own business and gets his car fucked up…And the half-white that hit him takes his time going over to see if he’s alright.

    1. Not just his car, what I really feel bad about is all those papers he lost. Fixing a car costs so much money, but that folder full of papers could represent thousands of hours or work or even creative effort that just can’t be replaced.

    1. So Al Bundy
      Your an B. Sanders Supporter.???? Sanders is Demo. Socialist.!!!! Just like Hitler was.!!!!

  2. Douche goes to look at his car before checking whether the guy he just hit is still alive. A real model citizen.

  3. Lol. Love all the mustang cracks. Let me guess. You all drive around oil burning rusted out 1998 civics with after market aluminum spoilers and fart pipes. I’m sure you all also watch Fast n the Furious every night of the week and all park your cars in the Denny’s parking lot with the hoods open on weekends. Lol. Fags.

    1. You must be the blazing homosexual that drove the mustang in question.
      Nice driving skills there, Danica Patrick.

      BTW, all mustang owners are douchenozzles.

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