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  1. And these are the people that are going to take down the greatest super power the world has known? My left nut!

    1. And by that I’m assuming you mean Russia, because america hasn’t done SHIT!

    2. US, Russia, NO the greatest superpower in the near future is China by far. Those fuckers will Jackie Chan yur shit.

    3. Also the British empire in the last century was far more powerful than the US but the government gave all the empire back. Bastards.

    4. The terrorists have already won dicksplash – get a full cavity search at the airport
      2.The patriot act
      4.They have complete control over the worlds money via money laundering and terrorism laws
      5. money being wasted proactively and in the containment of terrorism = you are all getting poorer = less GDP per head on population ( your taxes are rising but you get less for it )

      the list is endless of direct and indirect responses to terrorism … the terrorists let off one bomb and we change the way we live – it’s not the bombs we need to worry about it’s the freedoms we give away when asked

  2. How fucked up do you have to be to lose to these assholes? We should just nuke the lot of them and be done with it.

  3. -_- Can’t no one of you dumbasses see these people are actors that shoot at nothing ? As if Isis would would record any fails on their part and post that shit .. Look how we’re bad world FEAR US ! …Frankly Drop your hamburger, fat ass and think damn it…

    1. ISIS or Whatever they call themselves are a bunch of cowardly idiots. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is footage of their training. Fuck them all and fuck their mothers too. Pussies…

  4. I swear I hope all the idiots in my country goes and joins ISIS. At least that way we root out all the fools in the hopes they kill themselves.. And yes, we should fucking nuke the whole fuckin place and be done with them already.

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