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  1. Fucking AWESOME!!!
    There should be more of these… that would hopefully teach these cunts to obey the rules of traffic.

  2. Well, it’s not illegal were i am, and at some places the only way to travel is by freeway(wetland and what have you not). I think they just switched lanes and was going for the far right side of the road. However, id say they kind of put themselves in a position to be run over, by not cycling on the “painted area”. The truck was clearly not ready for them to swerve right. As they where behaving as clowns. Also i know it was daytime, but reflex vests man… (visibility vests)

    Excuse my english, i am currently riding my unicycle down the freeway, educating my pet siberian bear on the local traffic rules.

    1. Isn’t this in Russia though? @Fremont. Also, i’m not from US of Trump. And here it is legal, but frowned upon. (Dunno why i felt i needed to explain im not from the US, but yeah)

  3. Ok let’s state the facts:
    1. these guys where driving on the right side of ther lane, The lane right of them where some kind of exit.
    2. At the opening of a new right lane, they immidiatly headed over and gave hand sign.
    3. The truck was at sleep or missed to change the lane.
    4. The truck driver corssed the line
    5. The truck driver seemed to not have spotted them and tried to avoid runnig them over, by pulling to the right.

    So the fault is only by the truck drivers, except there is a rule for not cycling on the freeway.
    I wouldn’t cycle on the freeway, except there is absolutly no other option.

    1. All you idiots that keep saying It’s illegal here. Look at the fucking number plates they’re NOT in the States.

  4. Maybe this hipster douche won’t bike on the open road just because he can. Better to be safe and wrong then right and dead.

  5. no problem imo with biking on the road but you might wany to look where youre going just like vehicles have to. he deserved what he got.

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