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    1. Nice Panties
      Number 5 is not Jamel.!!! #5 is Real Life is Fake 2lolo.!!!! ChineSale New Lover.!!!!

  1. The poster is a douche. Definitely ugly as fuck, but not mug-shots. If they were, most of the people would average at 7ft tall. The first chick would be 6′ 1″ bald and 7′ with the nappy hair. Also, the measurement chart jumps from 6’8″ straight to 7’0″. Come on loser. If you want to get on the inter web, at least do it legit.

  2. # 1 is My Ex. jacksripper
    # 2 Tyrone we was in Prison together
    # 3 Limp Dick Nice Panties
    # 4 RUGay Who Gave Us Herpes
    # 5 Jamel
    # 6 Nice Panties
    # 7 ChienSale Best Blow Job I ever had

  3. Hey Snickering $hithead, did you ever think the pics are posted on top of the height backgrounds? The more you know…

  4. This is the new metric English system, where there are 10 inches per foot. And the second to last guy was probably spitting, thus the facial wrap.

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